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For scared, hopeful parents of challenged kids who want their children to live a life full of freedom and joy, with hope for the future.

The Playroom is where kids learn, progress, and achieve through play.

Where children can have fun while overcoming challenges and creating breakthroughs for life; because we help kids exceed expectations & break barriers!

Our History

The Playroom pediatric speech and occupational therapy began in 2013 because of the significant need we see in our community.

Children are struggling.

Teachers and parents are struggling to help children learn.

Our focus on improving life skills, such as better communication and self-regulatory modulation, to decrease inappropriate behaviors which are interfering with learning and supports an enhanced quality of life!

These children, who have barriers that interfere with being able to participate in school, family events, and have difficulty making friends, are leading more successful lives in all areas.


The Playroom enriches lives through our caring collaboration, innovative programs, and dynamic approaches that successfully impact educational, therapeutic and communication needs of children.

Breaking barriers and exceeding expectations, that's what we do. We want the kids who are struggling to live life and communicate to escape these barriers. We work, help, and comfort children to make sure living a fulfilling life is attainable.

Our mission is for children with disabilities and their families to have the same rights and opportunities as other children and families.

The Playroom is recognized by both parents and medical professionals as a world class resource for excellence in clinical and educational outcomes for children.

Just knowing that others understand what our life can be like is so good.” - Parent

Our Work

Parents want Hope & Happy Kid

  • Most parents call us directly for help based upon our word of mouth reputation. We take care of the rest.
  • Parents are stressed, frustrated and lonely. We bring parents and children into our Playroom family to surround them with support.
  • Parents want to build a team of experts to support their child’s success. We want to be part of “Team Kid!”
  • Often Parents report having to endure long wait lists for help. We work with families to reduce the wait.

Pediatricians want Healthy Kids

  • We work along side your child’s pediatrician keeping them informed of your child’s progress and challenges.
  • Pediatricians are expected to refer to professionals “in network”. We are “in network” with most insurance companies.
  • We help pediatricians identify early warning signs of children needing support. See the "Warning Signs for Speech Therapy" Here; and "Warning Signs for Occupational Therapy" Here.

School Culture and Relationships are Keys to Successful Students

  • We make an effort to work with your child’s school and teacher to enrich the opportunity for your child’s success.
  • Services vary by district and school; we work with schools to support their services.
  • Schools report an increasing need, yet decreasing resources for students. We work to fill that void.
  • School district services have a narrow payor source to provide services for children. The IEP process only provides for the most severe needs of children. A large number of children are not provided services because they are not “bad enough” to qualify.
  • Students that receive therapy services through The Playroom have a higher chance of increasing the scores on their standardized tests. Schools celebrate this achievement!

Kids need a Relationship

  • Our team builds relationships with the entire family.
  • These relationships dynamically support the child’s growth and development through collaboration, carryover, and generalization of skills.
  • As the therapists and family work together the rate of growth increases the success for the child. Kids need adults that believe in them!

Kids need a Caring Environment

  • Providing Extra care is our first priority. Children know when you really care.
  • We make sure that all children and our team of professionals alike are in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Children feel safe to try new things and push themselves to develop new skills while surrounded by our team.

Quality is Unwavering

  • We believe in quality services and education because children deserve it.
  • We provide high quality therapy services based upon professional development, fidelity of skill, and continuing pursuit of knowledge ensuring expertise in our field.

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