How We Help

Speech Therapy

Our group of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are specialists in enhancing thinking, reasoning, expressing thoughts and ideas, listening, speaking, articulation, and written communication abilities. The SLPs at Mrs. Myers’ Playroom are passionate about making therapy enjoyable, practical, and goal-focused. Our SLPs develop activities based around your child’s individual goals. Whether your child enjoys pizza, planes, or pirates, we are committed to incorporating their passions into every therapy session.

Tammy Myers and The Playroom, Inc. are so important in so many ways. If you need an advocate for your child, this is the place to be. From experience I have seen first hand what one on one therapy can do for your child, and I would highly recommend their services!

Kim Myrum

Occupational Therapy

Our team of licensed occupational therapists (OTs) are experts at encouraging functional engagement through the use of fulfilling daily activities in therapy. Our occupational therapy team deals with underlying social-emotional, physical, sensory, developmental, and behavioral issues that may be affecting a child’s interest in their everyday life activities. We enjoy making obstacle courses, playing with shaving cream, writing funny stories, and learning new board games while working on coordination, balance, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, writing, and staying on task. We are successfully achieving the “occupation” of being a kid!

The leadership at The Playroom is absolutely unmatched. Tammy Myers has a huge heart for the development of children. She greatly understands each child’s need for acceptance, encouragement, laughter, and growth.

Mandy Macaulay

Feeding Therapy

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) and occupational therapists (OTs) with  specialized training in feeding therapy make up our team. Through a family-centered, whole-child approach, we provide assessment and intervention focused on addressing underlying problems that affect mealtimes.

Feeding therapy is tailored to your child; and takes a playful approach to food, mealtimes, and the act of eating. By emphasizing concrete action steps that may also be carried out at home, our goal is to lessen the stress associated with mealtimes. 

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